“The AC for our house had been very inconsistent over the past two summers, so when the system shut down on three occasions in early June we decided it was time to replace the 20 year old system. I received three quotes and settled on Bay Breeze after a very thorough review with Shari. She inspected the system, took measurements, reviewed several options, and within an hour had a detailed and fair quote ready for us. A week later Dave and Ethan arrived early in the morning ready to go. They looked at the old system and explained what they would be doing to rip it out and put in the new. Shari also stopped by mid-morning to ensure things were going well and that we were happy with the progress. The quality of the work was excellent, both inside and out. We also replaced our gas furnace at the same time. Dave and Ethan could not have been more pleasant to work with, and very polite. After going over the new system install, both the AC and furnace were tested. They worked flawlessly and we could quickly sense that the efficiency of this new system would pay off over the long run. Since the install the AC is working great. Shari, Dave and Ethan did a great job and set a fine example for the company. Would not hesitate to use them again and highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.”

– Bob L.