“On April 29 , our whole house a/c system failed to start up. I troubleshot the system and found the compressor locked up.I immediately placed a call in to Bay Breeze. They dispatched a service tech " Justin", who arrived on time , and troubleshot the system. After going over the entire HVAC system, it was determined that our 18 year old system had failed. It was good while it lasted. Justin discussed the options , for which we selected to rip out and reinstall a new system. Following our conversation , Justin made a call back to the office and had a service writer dispatched. Early the following day , Shari arrived, explained all our options, and prices. She inspected the system , took the necessary measurements , and produced the estimate on site. On , May 1 , the installation team arrived. Dave , Clarence and Ethan , all very polite, clean uniforms, geared up , inspected the old unit and began the rip out. They explained every step that they would take for the rip out and install. After the new unit was installed, they asked me to inspect the work and approve prior to charging the system. The craftsmanship was superior, no trash or dirt on the floor, no old parts left lying around. I approved the installation , they set about charging the system and then running it through the programs. The system ran flawlessly. The system is super quiet, and super cold. I give Shari , Dave , Clarence Justin and Ethan five stars , a Five Star Team. I suppose that this work ethic comes from the company leadership and it shows. Thank You. I recommend this company highly.
Since writing this review, We had a return visit from Shari. She came out to do a followup inspection. She took a punch list and inspected the entire installation. She sat with me and asked me questions about how the installation day went, how was the units performance, how was the work crew. All was five star.”

– Kevin R.