“Earlier this year I decided to relinquish my previous HVAC company from servicing my unit because of various reasons. So I went onto Trane’s website to find another company and based on the needs of my unit Bay Breeze fit the bill. I called hoping they serviced my area and was pleasantly surprised when they said YES. They assisted me with information to transfer my warranty and I started my service contract.

Bay Breeze was able to get my unit service promptly. Chris Kitzer my home’s technician is very thorough and explains everything to keep my home cooled in the summer and warmed in the winter.

Thank you Bay Breeze for your professionalisms, promptness to your customer needs and providing information to keep my home comfortable.

By the way, I tell my Mom about your service all the time because she has the same company I relinquished from. She’s kinda jealous, hope you can service her unit in the coming future.”

– Bridgette H.