Why Is Remodeling My Home in the Fall or Winter a Better Time?

Why Is Remodeling My Home in the Fall or Winter a Better Time?

When you come out of winter’s hibernation, you are ready for a change. Warmer weather prompts many a project. You may begin a plan to get healthy, so you adopt new eating habits and exercise. Or maybe you decide to change up your nest. 

The Price Is Not Quite Right

Remodeling is popular in Maryland, both inside and outside when the weather is nicer, warmer. Many homeowners go on vacation in the summer and prefer the inconvenience of a remodel to take place while they are away.

Consequently, at Bay Breeze Heating and Cooling, we and others in the remodeling and construction fields are in pretty high demand in the summer. High demand coincides with higher prices. After all, it’s all about supply and demand.

Remodeling in the Fall or Early Spring

If you have been planning to remodel your Davidsonville home and you have decided now is the time to call to schedule it, keep this principle in mind—wait for shoulder season. Your price for both materials and labor can be lower, in most cases, since the demand will be lower for the materials and the contractors will not be juggling as many jobs, as confirmed by Angi.

In the warmer months, everyone wants their new deck built to enjoy during their outdoor barbecues. With only so much wood to go around, prices will naturally rise. 

Order your wood for your project when no one else is, and you will come out better in two ways. One, your selection will be better. Two, your price might be lower.

Scheduling most remodeling projects in the fall or spring should work out better for you—unless you are installing an in-ground swimming pool or live in a year-round warmer climate.  

No contractor wants to convert your hot, poorly ventilated attic into a recreation room during July. So the price will most likely be higher. If you wait until the cooler months, you can get a better deal and a more agreeable contractor.

But the Holidays Are Coming

The general exception to this fall rule of thumb is remodeling right before the holidays. Many Davidsonville homeowners try to schedule their last-minute projects before Thanksgiving, attempting to complete them before their relatives come for turkey and stuffing. 

Try to schedule your project well before the holidays. Or schedule right after the holidays since many contractors are likely feeling the pinch of holiday spending. If you stick to these time frames, you should reap the benefits. 

Win the Remodeling Game

Bucking the trend of remodeling your home during summer is just plain smart, especially when it comes to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) projects. Most HVAC repairs tend to take place when outdoor temperatures are at their extremes. This schedule means more contractors and materials are requested at that time, making it all a game of supply and demand. 

To win this game as a consumer, you will want to wait to schedule your remodeling till temperatures are mild—between the heat of summer and the coldest nights of winter. Materials are usually more abundant, often resulting in lower purchase prices. Contractors will have more time, resulting in easier appointment scheduling and possibly lower labor charges. 

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