“I’ve used BB twice thus far and find them to be fast, responsive, and reasonable. Tech Justin was professional and respectful. BB employs great humans.”

- Shane D.

“Kevin Sammons came on time, and after calling to state when he should arrive. He was totally professional, efficient and polite. Told me when the next maintenance should be scheduled. This was his second time here and was just as professional, efficient, polite and very informative.”

- Dianne B.

“All thumbs up for Dylan, Clarence and everyone in the office for their prompt and very courteous service! It was an emergency call and I am very grateful for how incredibly well I was treated throughout. As the follow up visit to overhall the furnace was handled with the same degree of professionalism and care, I now consider Bay Breeze my heating and AC company. Thank you, everyone!”

- Eileen R.

“Justin is wonderful and so efficient, effective and professional. He arrives on time, goes right to work and is friendly and polite. I feel my HVAC system is in good hands when he visits.”

- Karen S.

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