“Kevin was great – professional, yet personable! He took a look at the inside and outside units, then quickly identified the problem (a dead capacitor on the compressor coil unit). He replaced the part and ran a check to make sure there were no other underlying problems. Everything is back in working order – just in time for our family to visit! Thanks, Kevin!”

- David T.

“Excellent service all around, from Terry who took my call and set up the appointment to the repairman, Justin, and his assistant, everyone was so courteous and reassuring! I am very grateful for the way things were handled promptly and efficiently and the work well done, especially as this was an emergency call!”

- Eileen R.

“Justin was on time, courteous and very competent (based on his two visits). First visit was to diagnose. Second visit was to install back ordered A/C air blower.

Have been using Bay Breeze for near 25 years. Their tech quality is very consistent and prices are fair (not the cheapest but not the most expensive). In my opinion, Bay Breeze has a great balance between cost of service and quality of service.

Giving Bay Breeze/Justin my highest recommendation.”

– Kevin H.